Gracious Hearts Assisted Living

Our Services

At Gracious Hearts Assisted Living, our services are a blend of personal touch and joy. We offer comprehensive care tailored to individual needs, ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle. Our vibrant activities in assisted living in Humble, Texas enrich daily life, fostering a community of friendship and support. Here, every service is designed to enhance the well-being of our residents, making our company a place to thrive.

Blissful Living

Experience the joy of blissful living, where comfort meets luxury in every moment, making every day unforgettable.

male caregiver with elderly woman smiling

Personalized Care

Discover care customized just for you, where your needs guide us in crafting a supportive, enriching environment.

female caregiver assisting an elderly man walking

Homemade Meals/Snacks

Nutritious, homemade meals and snacks are prepared daily to delight your taste buds and nourish your body.

female caregiver feeding an elderly man


Immaculate spaces are maintained by our housekeeping team, creating a clean, safe, and welcoming home for everyone.

Female caregiver cleaning


Personalized laundry services, handling your garments with care, ensuring they're clean, fresh, and ready for you to wear.

elderly woman and the young beautiful woman are doing laundry

Personal Hygiene Assistance

We ensure to provide dignified assistance with personal hygiene, ensuring comfort and well-being while respecting individual preferences and independence.

Female home care worker comb the hair of the senior woman

Incontinence Care

Providing sensitive, discreet incontinence care is provided with utmost respect, ensuring comfort and maintaining dignity at all times.

Nurse and the elderly woman in a wheel chair doing some activities

ADL for Mobility Assistance

Supporting mobility and independence of our residents with personalized assistance, making every movement safe and every step confident.

Senior woman in a wheel chair together with her caregiver are watching funny videos

Caregiver Services 24/7

Around-the-clock caregiver support, offering peace of mind that help is always there when you need it the most.

Female Caregiver served a glass of water of the elderly woman

24 HR Access to RN

Providing immediate access to registered nurses 24/7, ensuring expert health management and peace of mind for all.

Young gorgeous professional nurse smiling

Daily Group Activities

Engaging in group activities designed to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a vibrant, connected community.

Group of Elderly having fun


Compassionate feeding assistance, ensures our residents’ nutritional needs are met with dignity and care in every bite they take.

Female caregiver taking care the elder man while feeding him

Medication Assistance

We provide safe, reliable medication assistance, ensuring each resident's health regimen is meticulously followed for their optimal well-being.

Elderly Couple look at the prescription giving of the nurse

Registered Nurse Onsite

Our dedicated registered nurses provide expert care and support directly at our facility, ensuring residents receive personalized attention and assistance.

Portrait of happy young nurse in uniform with healthcare team in background.

Private/Semi Private Rooms

Experience comfort and privacy in our well-appointed private or semi-private rooms, designed to provide a peaceful and homelike environment for our residents.

Bedroom view