Gracious Hearts Assisted Living

Caregiver- Full time/ Part time/ Per diem, Flexible hours, Morning/ Evening/ Night Shifts available

Job Summary: Providing medical and day-to-day care for the elderly who may be ill or disabled, and aren’t able to take care of themselves.Seeking for caregivers who are compassionate and enjoy working with the elderly. Candidate must be attentive, patient, empathetic, friendly and have a positive attitude. Must be able to read and communicate in English. Caregiver is required to prepare meals, clean and do laundry. All required training and education for the job would be given during orientation.

Caregiver Job Duties:

  • Providing a warm and welcoming care environment for the elderly at their home.
  • Interacting with residents with respect and encouraging independence while maintaining their dignity.
  • Listening to a patient’s needs, wants, and other suggestions about their care
  • Attending to patient’s hygienic needs such as bathing, dressing and undressing, oral care, cleaning teeth or dentures, and using the bathroom.
  • Incontinent care assistance and skin care.
  • Minor wound care and first aide.
  • Monitor residents Blood pressure and Blood sugar as required.
  • Assisting patients to take medications according to their doctor’s prescription.
  • Recording basic health information such as weight, food intake, and daily bowel movements/urination.
  • Reporting any unexpected or worrisome conditions in the patient: medical, psychological, emotional, or otherwise.
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks for patients.
  • Assisting patients with eating and cleaning up after themselves.
  • May require to do Gastric tube care & feeding assistance (will provide training)
  • Performing household chores on behalf of the patient such as making the bed, tidying up the bedroom, doing laundry, dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc.
  • May need to accompany patients on approved outings.
  • Assisting patients with mobility needs (helping them get up, helping them get into a wheelchair or walker, pushing a wheelchair, etc.)
  • Respecting the patients’ privacy and rules of confidentiality.
  • Provide emotional support in all matters including personal and health related.
  • Establishing a relationship with each patient and members of patients’ families.
  • Answering the telephone and greeting guests on behalf of the patient.
  • Responding to medical and other emergencies immediately.
  • Must be able to follow instruction.
  • May be expected to lift, push or pull with or without assistance on occasion.

Job requirements and Skills:

  • Be at least 18: This job is for a very responsible people. The candidate must be 18 years old or older.
  • Interpersonal skills: Being an extrovert who likes doing things around the house will come in handy. You will be providing companionship, assisting with activities of daily living, preparing meals, doing some light housekeeping and engage them in physical, mental and recreational activities.
  • Dependable: You must be able to stick to the work schedule you are given; you might not have any co-workers and you are required to be at work on time for the residents. Make sure you have reliable transportation to work.
  • Compassionate: Respect and compassion are crucial in this position. We want you to treat our residents like family.
  • Experience: Caregiver, Personal care provider or Nursing Assistant experience is a plus. However appropriate training will be provided to all caregivers upon hiring.
  • Education: Current CPR/AED/First Aid preferred. Orientation and training will be provided.
  • All candidates will be required to undergo a criminal background check and drug screening.

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